Who is Tamuka

Tamuka VG Dube

I am originally from Zimbabwe. I am a Day Trader and Business Philosopher based in the United States. When I am not trading, I help other entrepreneurs, business owners achieve their goals as a life and business coach. I was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the United States after completing high school. I enrolled at Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio, and successfully earned both a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Bachelor of Science in Financial Management.

After wrapping up my college education, I have built a robust career in the financial services industry. I have served as an Accountant for various entities, spanning both public and private sectors, including notable roles at the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation and Public Health Solutions.

In 2010, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by founding TD Accountant. This business offers a comprehensive range of financial services to clients. These services encompass the preparation of financial reports, year-end review of accounts and financial reports, and the development and analysis of accounting processes and internal controls. I also specialize in mapping operational inefficiencies to enhance accounting practices and contribute to improved profitability outcomes for my clients.

Recognizing a gap in tailored business training for my predominantly small business or one-man entity clientele, I seized the opportunity to expand my role beyond that of an Accountant and Day Trader. Understanding that I was already playing the dual role of both Accountant and “Business Therapist” for my clients, I decided to step into the realm of Business and Life coaching to provide my clients with a more holistic support system.

In my quest to holistically support my clientele, I recognized that small business owners want to be everything all at once which often leads to them being spread too thin. My life and business coaching programs are focused on providing my clients with tailored solutions to a focused purpose-driven and goal-oriented approach to life and business.

About Tamuka VG Dube

In my commitment to providing comprehensive support to my clientele, I acknowledge the tendency of small business owners to take on multiple roles simultaneously, often resulting in being stretched too thin. My life and business coaching programs are designed to address this challenge by offering tailored solutions. The emphasis is on cultivating a purpose-driven and goal-oriented approach to both life and business for my clients.

My support is delivered through personalized courses, covering essential topics such as the significance of goals in business, the flexibility required in goal setting for both business owners and individuals, and strategies for building successful teams or life support structures. Additionally, for individuals, customized training on life skills is offered, guiding participants in developing unique perspectives on life that foster a growth and winning mindset. These sessions also provide insights on leading a purposeful and mission-driven life.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.